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4.5 Months Later

I left for Australia on February 12th and arrived on Feb 14th. I can still remember that first day. I was REALLY frazzled. It was raining just as I arrived. I bought paper towels instead of toilet paper at the store. I was in awe. I met my roommates, who were all very friendly and helpful. I met the other Madison students. And now, 4 and a half months have past and I have no idea where the time went. As, my departure grows closer, I really don’t want to leave. The thing is that, when you are away from home, you know that you can always go back. That your family and friends aren’t going anywhere. But, even if I come back to Australia some day, it wont be the same. I have accomplished so much though and I know this has changed my life for the better.

Top Ten Accomplishments While Abroad:

1) Bunjy Jumping in New Zealand

2) Learning to Surf

3) Understanding Australian Law

4) Meeting People From all Around the World

5) Learning to LOVE Tea and Coffee

6) Completing my own Research Project in my internship

7) Becoming a Global Leader

8) Cooking More

9) Climbing a Glacier

10) Spending LOTS of money

Top Ten Things I’m Most Excited to Return To:

1) My Smartphone

2) Driving

3) Friends and Family

4) Air Conditioning

5) A Clean House

6) Making Money Instead of Spending it

7) Grammy’s Pool

8) Rocky and Lucy!

9) Free Internet

10) My Bed

Australia, we had a great run. This semester included some of the best moments of my life. I’ll return to Aussie Land someday. But, now it’s time to go. To my friends and family at home, see you soon :)

My last outings to the city

On Tuesday, Sarah and I went into the city, despite the cold and rainy weather. Our first stop was the Contemporary Art Museum Australia. Some of the pieces were cool, but overall we were disappointed. There wasn’t much there to see. I think it’s a relatively new museum and they are still working to get all of the exhibits open. Here are some of my favorite shots:

After the museum, we went and got our starbucks fix. Then, it was off to the zoo! The animals were so cute! We saw butterflies, koalas, snakes, lizards, frogs, kangaroos, wombats, wallabies, and a crocodile, among others. 

It was a very fun day! Later in the evening, a group of us got together to watch Safe House. It was pretty good. I’d recommend it.

Yesterday (Wednesday), a few of us went into the city for lunch and shopping. We tried to go back to this great pizza place, but it was closed :( We found another pizza place near by, but it was not as good. Oh well! At night, we had our end of the semester party in the Village, and then went to The Ranch one last time.

Tonight and tomorrow I have to pack and clean. Still can’t believe I’ll be home in just a few short days!

The Last Supper….Sort Of

Even though I still have a few days left in Australia, some of the friends in our little Aussie family have started to leave. Monday night was our last night together as a group, so we had a big pot luck dinner. We had so much food! Sarah and I made a chicken, mushroom, and onion pasta dish. There was cheese and crackers, chips and dip, popcorn, a fruit salad, mashed potatoes, glazes carrots, sweet potato fries, chicken masala, custard, dirt cups, and much more! 

After our delicious meal, and some clean-up, we signed each others memorabilia. Lots of people bought Australian flags for everyone to sign, I used a world map, there was also someone’s journal, some posters, and two very creative items: a vodafone shopping bag and part of a cardboard wine box. We’re a pretty crafty group!

Next, it was time to get an awesome group photo. Of course, this turned into a photoshoot and we had a lot of fun with it. Here are some of the best shots:

After the photoshoot, we played some more games. Namely, a game of superlatives. We went around and said who did the most of some category while in Australia. It was great to go back over all of the wonderful memories from the semester!

Needless to say, this was a fantastic night! Unfortunately, we did have to say goodbye to Amanda. But, she goes to Madison, so I’ll see her again soon. 

Last Weekend in Australia

My last final was Thursday morning. After 3 hours of legal ethics essay questions I was drained! But, also excited because classes were done! I spent the day relaxing and started to get organized for packing and cleaning. A bunch of us got together and watched a movie to celebrate impending summer. Friday we went into the city to do some shopping. We went to Paddy’s Market, which is a big warehouse filled with little shops. Perfect for souvenir shopping! Then we got a treat, starbucks! After dinner, we all met up again and had a games night. It got pretty competitive ;) 

Saturday, Candice, Sarah, and I went to Brighton Beach. Sarah is from Brighton in England, so she wanted to check it out. Although it is technically winter here, the weather is still really nice! Not nice enough to lay out on the beach, but perfect for walking on the beach and taking pictures:

Saturday night we went to the city for our last night out. We went to a club called Ivy. It’s really dressy and cool! They had an outside dance-floor area.

Sunday we spent the day cleaning. The house looks spotless now, but it was a lot of hard work. 

Only 5 days until I leave Australia! Still can’t believe it!

Badger Football

Badger Student Football Ticket Day. More stressful than any day in the year. Well, not for me because I work at the stadium, but I can empathize. I did have to go through it freshman year. In any case, us Madison kids here in Australia met up to purchase the tickets. I went for moral support. It was EXTREMELY stressful, and I wasn’t even buying them! Thankfully, all of our friends got them, all the way from Australia! For me, the sale tells me I can start getting excited for the season. I cannot wait for football season to start again. And, being my senior year, this had better be a great season (I like to think they are saving the rose bowl win for this year). Congratulations to all of those Badgers who got tickets! I’ll be watching the game from the Buckingham Club :)

Two Down….Two to Go

Last friday, I turned in my first exam, ending my Australian History class. Today, I had my final hours at my internship. While I was not too upset to be turning in my history exam, my last day of my internship was definitely bittersweet. I really enjoyed my work at the Cognitive Sciences Department. I actually wrote a good essay tying everything together that I can share with you when I get home. Now, with two of my courses done and only two more to go, it’s really setting in that I’m leaving soon. Only 16 days left! Much of the next week will be spent studying and taking my last two exams. But, my last exam is on the 21st, so that gives me one last week to enjoy Sydney before I leave. And pack and clean, but I’m trying not to think about that.

The Celtics lost today. It was a great game. They fought hard, they just didn’t have enough to win. And, the chances are high that these 4 players will never play together again. But, they were fantastic for their 5 years in Boston. Go Celtics!! And, Go Thunder!!

Aussie Slang

As my time here is dwindling, I realized that there are certain words that I’ve gotten used to hearing that I wont when I get back to the U.S. Before I forget, I wanted to take note of them. Here we go:

capsicum = pepper

arvo = afternoon

devo = devastated

boot = trunk

muesli = granola

bacon = ham (not really, but it’s not bacon)

tea = dinner (not always, sometimes it actually means tea)

trolly = shopping cart

dp = prof pic (aka display picture = profile picture on facebook)

jumper = sweater shirt

trackies = sweat pants

lounges = coaches

Maccas = McDonald’s

gridiron = nfl football

footy = australian football

biscuits = cookies

chips = french fries

crisps = crisps

College = dormitory 

And, Australia = a great country

I’m sure there are many more words/phrases, but that’s all I can remember right now. I apologize in advance if I use these terms at home. But, at least now you’ll know what I’m talking about!

Cheers! = Thanks, Goodbye, Hooray, etc.

Last Day of Class

Today was my last day of class at Macquarie Uni! Clearly, I’m devastated. In honor of this milestone, I’m going to summarize some of the things I’ve learned in class:

1) In Australia there’s no right to legal representation

2) There’s two different kinds of lawyers - solicitors and barristers

3) Their Supreme Court is called the High Court

4) Australia became a Federation in 1901

5) The courts are really stingy about discrimination claims here

Ok, that’s pretty much it. At least, that’s all that I can summarize so broadly. I am definitely glad that classes are done and that finals will be done soon. But, I did really enjoy my classes!

Time to work on a take home exam!

Go Celtics!!

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